freelance creative professional

I’ve had a passion for art since I can remember. I knew when I was in high school that I wanted to turn my passion into a career, but I had no idea it would lead to where I am today. I was gratefully accepted in to the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning (DAAP) and earned a bachelor degree in Digital Design. Aside from the degree itself, I also graduated with amazing work/life experiences in different areas of the country, gained a wide network of friends and colleagues, developed an okay portfolio, and, well, a little bit of debt.

Over the course of my career I have worked on digital projects for major brands such as Folgers, JIF, Kroger, Marzetti, LasikPlus, Rotex, and Paycor. In late 2016, I decided to venture outside of agency life and further my career as a full-time freelancer. The flexibility has been awesome, and the new adventures with this lifestyle have been great as well. I’ve had the opportunity to expand the types of projects, brands, and teams that I work with, and I LOVE being in full control of my work-life balance.

Which brings me to my home life: being a mom is by far my most rewarding job. I have four wonderful children whose imagination and creativity inspire me daily. My family has helped guide my artistic passion into a strong foundation to work smarter. They’ve taught me the value of time, which pushes me to work more efficiently everyday.

I am very thankful to all my wonderful clients who have supported me, recommended me, and have helped make my career possible.


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