What better way to launch a new JIF product than with a regional sampling tour? The Jif Peanut Butter Happy Place was a totally new way to sample a new, exciting product. It was high profile, high energy, and high on interactivity. Participants were eating the product while they were having a great time—hardwring brains to remember the taste of Jif Peanut Butter for happiness.

The Peanut Butter Happy Place was an 8-city mobile tour that got the nation excited about Jif Bars and inspired smiles everywhere it went. It represented the very first experiential sampling tour ever for Smucker’s and became THE heart of the Jif Bars national launch.

My involvement on this project included designing graphics, a tablet experience, landing page, email, social posts, and directing the overall identity. I also composed a case study video to wrap the project. The assets created for this project resulted in creating a new digital vis-ID for the brand.

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